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Journalist, author, illustrator, graphic artist, restaurateur, innkeeper, waitress, mom, granny, wife - the lives I've lived in this one life astound me daily!      


But most of life astounds, inspires and fascinates me. 

I look for images in the marble walls of my shower, in the wood grain of doors, and the mud splatter on my car. I love to Frankenstein unrelated objects  in my mind and then make up stories about how to use them. 

Writing was my first love. Image-making is what will keep me glued to my chair from dawn till dark. Effectively combining the two is my version of heaven. 



I've never lived within any city's limits.


Me again

I love to write in rhymes.


still me

Inspiration is    EVERYWHERE...'ve just got to always BE where you are, when you are.


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