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Completed in 2023

Roger Floyd Cover.jpg

Full cover for EXPLORER, a novel by Roger Floyd.

All original art by Kathy Louise Schuit.

 - Book not yet released.

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Coloring Book

Adapted for coloring  by Kathy Louise Schuit from A Packrat's Holiday: Thistletoe's Gift, by Linda Wilson. Original illustrations by Nancy Batra. Adaptation includes some new interior art and cover by KLS.

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PW Street.jpg

Cover art by Kathy Louise Schuit for 

Life Lessons From the Color Yellow, 

by Patricia Walkow


Dance Cat, written and illustrated

by Kathy Louise Schuit

Pubilished October 2022. 

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Published Earlier

Penndittle E. Turtle 

just wants to know...

Where Does This Line Go?

Written and Illustrated by Kathy Louise Schuit

  • New Mexico Press Women  Communication Contest Award Winner, 2019

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Cover design and art

by Kathy Louise Schuit.

Shatter My Heart

by Thelma A. Giomi

Rules Don't Work for Me

My code for business and life

by Gail Summers

Cover art and illustrations

by Kathy Louise Schuit

The Handyman

Comicsby Kathy Louise Schuit

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